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Holiday martini

My Story


My son was obsessed with everything construction, so for his first birthday (16 years ago!!!) I threw him a construction birthday party, complete with his cake being a pile of chocolate cupcakes in the bed of an oversized tonka truck covered in oreo crumbs. I had so much fun ensuring the games, decorations and food all tied in together with the theme. That was just the beginning. I would jump at every opportunity I could to host a baby shower, bridal shower, welcome home party, decade birthday party or anything else I could get my hands on! I absolutely love being given something small to go off of, such as lemons and limes, or boots and bling, and create a perfectly coordinated party down to the snacks, games, atmosphere and even crafts and activities...for young and old alike!


Some would say, “Why do you put so much time and effort into these events? You work so should just keep it simple.” To which I would reply, “But I LOVE doing it! It's not work to me at all. It's so much fun!”





When I had to start working again, I fell into a catering job in which I quickly rose through the ranks, getting certified to bartend and ultimately captain and back captain. I became a Day of Coordinator, and began doing weddings on the side for friends. The bigger scale of coordinating all of the logistics, vendors, floorplans, timing, décor, etc. was a talent I never realized was in me, and was a perfect fit for my very detail-oriented brain. I loved every minute of it... People! Weddings! Celebrations! Life! 


What a wonderful day it was when I realized I could make a career out of my passion. I could actually get paid to do what I absolutely loved to do! What an incredible honor it is to work alongside a bride and groom, gather all the details they've worked so hard on and put it all together to perfectly execute the most important day of their lives. It really is a dream come true. How I love going to work every day!


For many years it seemed as if I was living in a sort of cocoon. After experiencing a difficult divorce, I realized how important the little things really are. So often we simply go through the motions of life - routine and monotonous.  But so much of life is worth celebrating! I encourage you... take advantage of every opportunity you can to celebrate the little things, as well as the big. Whether it is a promotion, a lost tooth, a goal accomplished, a good report card, or even a small project completed... celebrate! Bring a little spice into your life even if there's no 'good' reason! Host that backyard barbecue you've always been wanting to, go all out for that birthday, have fun throwing a shower for a friend, celebrate that anniversary that you would normally let slip by. Don't be shy... go all out!  Celebrate Life!


                                                                         Founder and Owner of Katie Rose Events

But my passion goes deeper than that. I was so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom for my three kids for almost a decade. I absolutely loved it (although there were moments!!!), and wouldn't have had it any other way. However, I rarely ever had the opportunity to do anything outside of kids, housework, errands, playdates, church and occasionally having friends over for dinner. “Adult” life didn't exist for me. I have always loved dressing up and going out, and that part of my life was null and void. So, after years of dreaming about it, I finally hosted a semi-formal Christmas party in my home. Low lighting, artistic appetizers, signature cocktails and a fancy dress with heels was a dream come true...and this year will be my 10th annual!


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