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3D Event Renders

What is it?

Event Renders are 3D pictures that are uniquely customized for you to be able to envision your particular desires for each Table or Space of your wedding. Each Table and Space Render comes complete with a checklist of items that are needed, making it easy for you to pack your decor boxes and for your planner to know exactly how you’d like each area to be prepared!

How does it work?

Gather your inspo pics

Fill out the checklist…

Place Settings





Salad Fork



Escort Card


…and we’ll unite the two into a tailored view of the vision and vibe of your decor!

For the Spaces…

We take your floor plan…

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 19-43-53 Explanation of Renders for Website.png

and your Table renders…

Welcome Table_edited.png

and bring them to life!

Reception Space_edited.jpg

Each Package includes:

~ Initial design

~ One revision

~ Final Packet (including 2nd revision)

*click for samples of each!

* Customize your renders with your choice of 13 Table options and 3 Spaces!

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